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The How to and What to in Beautiful Vancouver in Summers


Canada is has very cold and harsh winters, so the best time is to visit Vancouver in Summers which is from June – August when the weather is very pleasant.

The city of Vancouver is 3 hours north of Seattle. For those in Seattle, can just take your car and cross the border in to Canada provided you have the tourist visa or a US citizenship/green card (then you can enter without any issues). This post will provide information on what to do in Vancouver in summers and how to plan a trip in Vancouver.

Where to stay in Vancouver

Before we go to ‘What to do in Vancouver in Summers’, you need to figure out where to stay. Based on our research, there were many places/attractions in north Vancouver. Downtown Vancouver would be ideal but it would turn out very expensive. If you are looking for budget accommodation, here are a few options:

There are a lot of hotels, AirBnB and Bed & Breakfast options as well. We chose a hotel in Burnaby as it seemed well located from all attractions (this is subjective to your interests). Since we are Vegan, we also look for nearby restaurants while deciding the hotel.


Vancouver and nearby areas have a lot to offer to tourists and below are some day trips/attractions which you should try to visit. We have narrowed down the list to 6 things you should definitely do in Vancouver

1. Capilano Suspension Bridge

Around 20-30 mins up north from Burnaby, is the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. It is a great place for adults and kids. Capilano Suspension bridge is a simple suspension bridge built over the Capilano River in British Columbia province of Canada – 140 meters long and about 70 meters above the river. It is not very scary but great place for clicking pics.

View of the Capilano Suspension Bridge, north of Vancouver, British Columbia
2. Ferry to sunshine coast

Another activity that one should definitely do is take a ferry ride to Sunshine coast. You can visit and browse the ferry options to different islands. We selected the town of Sechelt (Sunshine coast) – a beautiful small town with a great clean coastline. One of the best experiences was to sit at the beach and gorge on an ice cream.

Note: You would need to book at least 1 week in advance on Bcferries to avail discounted fares.

On the ferry to Sunshine Coast (to the town of Sechelt, BC) courtesy:

Depending on the duration of your trip, you can decide which destination you want to visit. If you are interested in visiting Victoria (capital city of British Columbia province), then it will be a 2.5 hour ferry ride one way. So, you might want to plan a night’s stay in Victoria. Otherwise, for trips to sunshine coast (40 min ferry ride), you can plan a return ride the same day.

Beach side in Sechelt, Sunshine Coast. Drawings on the path to the beach 🙂

The best part is that you can drive your car on to the ferry and then roam around the island in your own car!

3. Sea to sky gondola

Since the winters are very cold in Canada, the best time to visit Vancouver in summers is from June – August. Another day tour that is a must is a Sea to Sky Gondola, again up north of Vancouver for about a 1 hour drive. The drive is via Sea to Sky highway and we can assure you it is absolutely amazing. The Trans-Canada highway is one of the best roads we have driven on..but we will get to that later.

Once you reach the Sea to sky Gondola, as the name suggests, buy the tickets to go up to the summit via a gondola right.

The Sea to Sky gondola ride seemed to be a more than 70º ascent and it was thrilling with a beautiful background!
At the Summit after the Sea to Sky Gondola Ride. The background is so beautiful and serene!

After the photo session, you can head towards some hiking as well. There are different hiking trails..we chose the shortest one to maximize the time for photoshoots 🙂

10% time hiking…90% time photo shoot at the Summit, Sea to Sky Gondola Ride

Hungry after the hiking at Sea to Sky Gondola? – a 10 minute drive further up north is Squamish where you will find a lot of restaurant including vegan options. Soak in the beautiful views while gorging on delicious food.

Definition of a Great trip – Great places to visit with awesome food! Vegan food at Squamish, British Columbia.

If you guys have more time on your hand, you could drive further up north to Whistler as well.

4. Shannon Falls & Porteau Cove Provincial Park

The main reason why we love Canada so much is that nature has so much to offer here – mountains, lakes, and waterfalls too. Just adjacent to Sea to Sky Gondola is Shannon falls. You could also take up a hiking trail from Shannon falls to reach the summit of Sea to Sky.

Hiking at the Shannon Falls, Vancouver, British Columbia!

After the a short hike within near Shannon falls, we rested ourselves by soaking our feet in cool water stream at the foot of the falls.

Remove your footwear and soak your feet in the cold water at Shannon Falls after a hike.

While returning from Shannon falls back to Vancouver, we took a small detour from the Sea to Sky highway to Porteau Cove Provincial Park.

Chilling at the Proteau Cove Provincial Park, British Columbia!
5. Grouse Mountain

If you have been to Sea to Sky, then Grouse Mountain could be something you could drop. It is again north of Vancouver and closer from Capilano Suspension Bridge. First, take a cable car ride up to the top. One main attraction is the ski cable-car ride with hardly any protective support – a 10 minute ride further to the top gives you mesmerizing views of the city of Vancouver.

City of Vancouver from top of Grouse Mountain, British Columbia
6. Explore Vancouver Downtown

Of course, once you are done with everything around Vancouver, it is time to spend time in the city and the downtown Vancouver. The city of Vancouver has a lot to offer right from Art and culture, Sculptures (‘The Drop’) to historic churches and of course our favorite – awesome food – all cuisines.

Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia

Also, don’t miss the chance to go to the lush green Stanley park and take a walk or a bike and cycle along the sea -wall. The Vancouver coal harbor is also nearby providing amazing views.

Near the Sea Wall at Vancouver.

We found Vancouver, BC to be an amazing place and definitely a must-visit if you are planning a trip to Canada. The above itinerary for ‘What to do in Vancouver in summers’ could be squeezed into 3-4 days. However, if you are planning to visit Victoria via ferry, add a couple of days stay there as well.

Please tell us what you felt about your experience in Vancouver and provide feedback on our blog as well 🙂

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