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How to get a Canadian visitor visa for Indians in US?

For all those Indian folks who have been itching to explore Canada, here is how you get the Visitor’s visa to Canada. This blog post will provide details on how to get a multiple entry Canadian visitor visa for Indians.

First of all, you can check your eligibility here – on whether you need a visa to visit Canada. If you are an Indian on H1 or L1 (or other visa without a Green Card) and live in US (No B1/B2 visas).

Account Creation and Filling the Form

Documents required for the Application 

Schedule a Biometrics Appointment

Submitting your passport

Timelines for getting the Canadian VIsitor Visa for INdians

We submitted the online application on May 6 and got a request for Biometrics on May 8. Then we scheduled an appointment for Biometrics with May 21 as the earliest date

For submitting the application, we used UPS next day delivery to submit the documents on May 28 and it got delivered the next day. Subsequently, the application was received  by VFS on May 29 and they sent the application to the IRCC office.

Another update on May 30 saying that our application was under process. This was followed by a further update that the processed decision envelope has been dispatched to IRCC office.

On May 31, We received a couple of updates saying the decision envelope is being processed. And then we got another update about my passport is being couriered to my address.

Then, 4 days later, on June 4, we received our stamped passport with the Visa eligible until the passport expiry date 🙂 🙂

For us, as Indian citizens in the US, it took 4 weeks for the overall process

Wishing all you folks the best of luck! The Canadian Visitor Visa for Indians is a multiple entry visa valid until your passport expiry or 10 years (earlier of the two). Once you get your visitor Visa, check out our blogs to see what to do in Canada

P.S. This is our experience as of June 2019. Please post if you have any queries and we will be happy to answer them.

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